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People who helped build the Audacious.

The Audacious Aggressor class used to be a roleplay by Email and forums then SMS website.
The roleplay (r.p.g) started in 1998 and ended in 2012.
The Ship had many captains, and many characters over the years. Below are only a few of the people who supported the Audacious and kept her alive through the characters we  roleplayed with well over a decade!

Senior Webmaster/Graphic & Designs - Donald 'Duck' Spix

Donald Murphy. Spix aka Duck  lives in Riverside California with his wife Sandy and step child Colin. 

Duck is a Computer graphic & design specialist familiar with html, Flash, 3d max, Photoshop and most stream line graphic software.

Duck's  interest are Sci Fi, Horror and Fantasy. Duck  has been a self proclaimed nerd since his early days of D&D in Junior high playing computer games on his Commodore 64

Donald's RESUME' can be found on nerdbiz.biz


Senior Creative consultant & Editor - Carrie Ives

Carrie lives in Franklin, North Carolina

Studied at Southwestern NC

Religious Views: There is a God, whether He be an interstellar dust cloud or a cosmic muffin. And he's BIG!!


Creative consultant - N. Eric Hartford

Eric lives in Huntington Beach, California

Studied at: Golden West College Class of 1996 · Automotive · Huntington Beach, Ca

Occupation: Automotive Instructor


Creative consultant - James Michael Eubanks

James lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Studied at: Community College of Allegheny County

Occupation: Sales Associate


Melissa Lee

Drake Software
CSR · 2000 to 2009

Franklin High School
Class of 1988 · Franklin, Tennessee


Creative consultant - Kristopher (Mage eye) Atkinson

Kris lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Studied at: Nettleton High School Nettleton, Mississippi

Occupation: Scanning Coordinator

Kristopher "MageEye" Adkinson author of the Dracodonius world as well as the upcoming Ezekiel Drake urban fantasy novels. And old school gamer playing Dungeon and dragons since the 80's. Worked as the lead engineer during the Audi's role playing days. Has been a Star Trek fan since the late 70's

More info about Kris "MageEye" Adkinson can be found here -





Creative Consultant - Ladale Toliver

Lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Studied Robotic at Jones County Junior College
Currently a Refrigeration technician , automotive repair technician , and electronics repair technician,
hobbies are Korean dramas and K pop