The Prime Star Trek timeline


The Kelvin Star Trek timeline

Around 200,000 years ago: An ancient alien species is wiped out by an uprising of synthetic beings. They leave eight stars in an implausible arrangement, the Conclave of Eight, to serve as a warning to future generations. (Star Trek: Picard) 

2233 (Kelvin timeline) - The USS Kelvin is destroyed by time-travelling 24th century Romulan ship Narada, kickstarting the so-called the Kelvin timeline. (Star Trek, 2009)

2254 - The USS Enterprise, captained by Christopher Pike.

2256 - The USS Shenzou’s first officer, Commander Michael Burnham, defies the orders of Captain Philippa Georgiou, and is charged with mutiny

2258 (Kelvin timeline) - The Narada reappears and destroys Vulcan, as an act of revenge on Spock.

Early 2270s (exact year unknown) - The refitted USS Enterprise (commanded once again by Admiral James T Kirk) encounters V’Ger

2290 - Hikaru Sulu assumes command of the USS Excelsior

2364 - Commander William T Riker joins the crew of the USS Enterprise-D, under the command of Jean-Luc Picard.

2375 - The Dominion War ends. Benjamin Sisko, the Bajoran “emissary” moves into the wormhole to commune with its residents

2378 - USS Voyager finally makes it back to Federation space. After seven years away, Ensign Harry Kim is still an Ensign. (Endgame, Star Trek: Voyager)

2387 - With a supernova threatening to destroy Romulus, Spock – still active after all these years, remarkably – attempts to save the planet by using “red matter”

2399 – The long-retired Jean-Luc Picard ventures back into space after years living on the family vineyard.