Deck 1: Bridge, Captís Ready Room, Conference Room, X.O office, & Escape Pods , Abladive Amor

Deck 2: Counselorís Office, Observation Lounge Two, Ships Library, Escape Pods, IDF/SIF Generators, Medlab 2, Sr. Officer Quarters, Sickbay, Medlab 1, Biolab 1, Biolab 2, Computer Core

Deck 3: Escape Pods, Chemistry Lab, Security Armory, Brig, Transporter Room 2, Crawlspace Access to Jefferies Tubes, Deflector Control Chamber, Space Science lab, Torpedo Magazine and Probe

Deck 4: Shuttle bay 1st floor, 1 Stormbringer runabout, 1 Tuskegee shuttle, 4 Forward (aka Four For), Gymnasium, Jr. Officer Quarters, Observation Windows, Deflector Shield Generator, Computer Core & Monitoring Station, Probe Configuration & Manual Load Area, Sensor Nodes and Loading Arm, Photon Torpedo Launcher (P/S), Officer Quarters, Holodeck 1, Holodeck 2, Configurable Science Lab 1 & 2, Power Transfer Conduits, Phaser Control rooms, Gymnasium

Deck 5: Engineering Support 3rd floor, Auxiliary Deflector Control room, Long Range Sensors, Replicator Matter Reservoir, Deuterium Tanks, Aft Observation Lounges (P/S), Shuttle bay & Control Center, Tractor Emitters, Shuttle Maintenance Bay, Aft Shield Generator

Deck 6: Cobra Fighter Bay 2nd Floor, 3 cobra fighters, Shuttles, Engineering Support 2nd floor, V.I.P. Quarters, Auxiliary Power Reactors, Main Deflector, Long Range Sensors, Chief Engineers Quarters, Cargo Bay 4, Power Systems Monitoring

Deck 7: Cobra Fighter Bay 1st Floor, 3 cobra fighters, Engineering Main Engineering 1st floor, Conference Room ĎBí & Lounge, Long Range Sensors, Landing Struts, Engineering Mess hall, Smaller Cargo Transporter, Aft Tractor Emitter, Replicator Nodes bay

Deck 8: Transporter Room 2nd floor, Secondary Bridge, Astrometrics room, Main Armory, Crew quarters, Docking air lock.

Deck 9: Main deflector dish, Main Turbo lift access, Shuttle bay second floor, Conference Room 'C', Engineer's Mess hall, Tractor Beam anti mater chambers.

Deck 10: Antimatter Injection Monitoring Room, Antimatter Containment Modules, Landing Struts, Ladder to Main Engineering, H. Tubman Captainís Yacht, Expeditionary Gear, Warp Core Ejection Hatch, Equipment Storage.


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